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making people laugh when drinking.
Yes Ive made mistakes but life doesnt come with an instruction manual.
Statistically 6 out of 7 dwarfs arent happy.
Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot I only exist to you when you need something.
copy paste this on google: tt0274518 like this if you laughed.
I invoke my right against self-incrimination!
when your girlfriend has you as her profile picture
I survived Y2K Bird Flu Mad Cow 9/11 and Swine Flu. 2012 Here I Come!
Schizophrenia beats being alone.
i dont get distracted easily. omg a lolipop! i want it i want it! wait wat?



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i dated this for 2 weeks!/profile.php?id=10
copy paste this on google: tt0274518 like this if you laughed.
making people laugh when drinking.
2 dyslexics run into a bank and shout "air in the hands mother stickers this is a fuck up!"
the joke wasnt funny your laugh is.
Panicking when your finger gets stuck in something stupid.
If I was "16 And Pregnant" id get a slap not a TV show.
On a scale of 1 to Osama Bin Ladin how good was my hiding spot?
Im having one of those weeks where my middle finger answers every question!
I write like this and not "lYk DiS" because Im an adult and not retarded.
"Wanna hear me count to ten!" No, not reall-" "great, 1, 2 ,3....
100000 sperm and you were the fastest?
╭∩╮ º.º ╭∩╮
Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies.
Facebook: Airing out peoples dirty laundry since 2004
im not tryna sleep with you. i just wanna fall in love with you.
Disliking that annoying "friend" who you have to hide from.
Terrorists have two eyes Pandas have two eyes. Coincidence? I think not!
Its OK to hate Gingers.
why when its sunny do we have to listen to everybody elses shit music?

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and no i wont quit being one.
we are so done. ashtyn
if pussy was graded on how many different guys have put their dick in it without wearing a condom th
Lauren Elizabeth Bumgarner lies about the fact that she can't have kids so guys will date her.
Lauren Elizabeth Bumgarner from Forrest City is the lowest most disgusting whore I've ever known.
Yes, No, Maybe
Hello there,I. Lacy and im 8 years old! I have no idea what this place is!
Guns & Knife
not everything is all about you and im pretty enough to get attention.
just know that if that lady stalks me too much, im going to call the police on her.

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